Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth Music Car Charger Review

Well, I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt I had to do it this time. I’ve heard a lot about Xiaomi products, but I never got one of them until now. And I’m impressed. It’s highly inspired by Apple products and packaging too, and that makes it simple, elegant and solid. Installing it was really easy, fast and simple. The sound quality is OK, and the app is great!
It found there was a firmware update available, it downloaded and installed it with one click, and after that, some more options are available now, like denoise filter to reduce the hiss. Amazing quality: the finish of the product, the plastic and the metal contacts are great. The springs on the contacts are quite strong, and it made it a bit hard to get it into the socket, but I consider it a pro, as once it’s in, it won’t move. Ever.

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ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth Car Charger will provide more convenience for your driving journey. First, 3.4A output ensures fast charge speed for your electronic devices, then the Bluetooth MP3 player function supports you enjoy your favorite music on the way, what’s more, it will not be disturbed by the incoming calls, you can get hands-free call via this devices as well. What’s more, the voltage display makes you get known the battery condition as well, safer for driving.

Main Features:
Adapted for all cars and phones:
● With metal elastic design, almost adapted for all cars, do not worry that adapted for different sizes of car cigarette lighters, suit for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other smartphones
Music MP3 player and charging:
● Listening music and charging at the same time, can listen to music from car stereo after connecting with phones via Bluetooth ( adjust the FM to 96.4MHz, can switch it as actual situation ), play music online or offline automatically
● Dual USB ports 5V 2.4A can charge for two devices at the same time, single max output 3.4A
Be safe for driving, battery voltage detection:
● When car voltage is abnormal, the red warning light of ROIDMI 3S will keep flashing and it will produce alarm sound, meanwhile, phone data of APP will synchronously display it, double reminding, be safe for driving
Smaller design but multi-functions:
● Music player / FM transmitter / car charge / battery monitor for car / GPS navigation broadcast / APP smart remote
Easy to use:
● FM frequency: 87.5 – 108.0MHz

ROIDMI 3S Wireless Bluetooth Music Car Charger International Edition

ROIDMI 3S Wireless Bluetooth Music Car Charger International Edition

ROIDMI 3S Wireless Bluetooth Music Car Charger International Edition

ROIDMI 3S Wireless Bluetooth Music Car Charger International Edition


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