How to choose a vacuum cleaner 2018

Recently, the main features of automatic vacuum cleaner in the market can be divided into: intelligent planning, cleaning capabilities, networking capabilities, avoid obstacles, virtual walls and so on.

Intelligent planning and cleaning capabilities are the most important functions.The first type, move randomly,it is not recommended to buy; The second type is to take the S-type route planning, which mean patrol type. if you don’t have some much money you can choose this type.The better type is Intelligent Route Planning, which can scan its surroundings at 360 degrees, and map out the interiors of your home, then provides real-time planning routes. If the condition was permit, it is recommend to choose this one.

Networking capabilities:

It can use home wifi and mobile APP to remote control, this feature is actually a main different between high-end cleaner and low-end cleaner. low-end machines always donot have this feature.This feature is very useful, for example, you can start to clean whereever you are through the remote control, besides,you also can watch the cleaning process and real time monitor.

Avoid obstacles:

I think it is the most important functions. If you do not want to save it every time when it is trapped , you must choose this function.

Virtual wall:

If there is no virtual wall, the Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will go to the bathroom and other places when you do not pay attention to.Therefore this function is very important. There are two kinds of virtual wall available on the market, it is recommended that you choose the type of magnetic stripe virtual wall.

Capacity Battery:

It is noted that the battery capacity is the bigger the better, but spotted, the old nickel-metal hydride battery and lithium battery,there is no way to compare. Nickel-metal hydride batteries have a memory effect, after using over six months , the available power may decline.
The cost of batteries is up to several hundred dollars, which is widely criticized by users.Many users often complain about the robot’s sweeping time become shorter and shorter.
So, before you buy it, you must make sure that the irobot vacuum cleaner is with a nickel-metal hydride battery or lithium battery. Machine sensing system, a good robot has collision, sonar, cliffs, ground and other sensors, you will feel it is very wonderful, it will be able to avoid obstacles in advance when it detect the glass curtain wall, stairs and other cliffs, so the type and number of sensors Is a very important to consider. Intelligence is closely related with the sensor. Finally, pay attention to anti-hair winding design, in particular,there are pets at home should pay attention to choose this feature.

About choosing a brand:

There are a lot of brands. Here according to Internet users reputation and comprehensive evaluation, it is recommended several brands.
Firstly:Cost-effective models: Xaiomi MIJIA vacuum cleaner

Advantages: clean and navigation planning ability is very good, large capacity lithium battery, a unique anti-hair design, support for virtual walls, sensing system is improved, support networking control.
Insufficient: Currently there is only two model.
Summary: Affordable first choice, basically regarded as a leader, the function completely, performance is impressive, durable.
Secondly: iRobot high-end models

Advantages: large suction, dust box capacity, horsepower, can climb, cleaning high efficiency, agile sensing.
Disadvantages: no navigation, more expensive.
Summary: This is the originator of the brand, large enough machinery, are high-end models, suitable for large commercial-type, durable.


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