The Best Cheap Electric Pressure Cooker in the world

Homgeek 15 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker Programmable Stainless Steel 6Quart 1000W

only need 55.99$ on

It is very cheap for all family to get it. Get this cooker can make your home become more convenient, because it features multi functional(pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer), 15 preset menu (meat, poultry, vegetables, steam, saute, slow cook, white rice, brown rice, beans, broth, curry, soup, multigrain, congee and chili). . Homgeek is a smart electric pressure cooker with sleek looking and modern design. Besides, the delay timer function is a great asset for people who need to be gone all day. if you are busy with your work, after work you too tired to cook, please dont worry about it, Homgeek can help you solve this problem. Even if you are not at home , you can finish a delicious food with Homgeek, when you are back home you can enjoy it. Its 70kPa working pressure allows much more quickly and easier cooking process. Really a necessary counter top appliance in your kitchen.

9 security protection.
24 hours delayed cooking timer.
High heat resistance stainless steel inner pot.
Removable lid and inner pot for easy cleaning.
Pressure indicator showing the pressure status.
Large control panel and 4-digit LED display screen.
Multi-function, 15 preset menu, faster and efficient way to cook.
70KPa working pressure, shorten the cooking time and save the energy.
When the lid is not properly secured, function keys will be blocked by a failsafe switch. here is more  Electric Pressure Cooker Deal



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